Thumb Alena Novel Project

Alena is a tiny, strange being in a world that won't let her be. Determined to figure out what she is, Alena ventures through harsh alpine wilderness, royal courts, and strange realms ruled by immortals. She uncovers a mystery that began hundreds of years ago. She uses her knack for barter to earn respect. And all along the way, she entangles herself in murder plots, trade deals, prophecies, war, and life-altering friendships. As she searches for her identity, Alena makes one for herself, greater than anything she could've ever imagined.

This novel is a feminist retelling of perhaps the worst fairy tale for women ever written. In the original Thumbelina by Hans Christen Andersen, the hapless heroine is capable only of singing beautifully while being shuttled from one unwanted marriage to the next. Thumb Alena seeks to connect with modern readers who crave protagonists with agency. 

Claire Luce Baldwin || Art & Illustration || Portland, OR || ©2018