Grand Canyon Centennial Posters

Grand Canyon National Park is celebrating a century. 


It was an honor to create a series of eight posters for display throughout the park, the state of Arizona, and on social media. Each design is a love letter to my favorite place in the world.


From January through April of 2018, I worked as a full-time volunteer with Grand Canyon National Park's Creative Media Department to take this project from a sketched-out proposal to a completed series. I refined the proposed themes and developed the design, then created each poster entirely by hand. Mediums include ink, gouache, and watercolor. I also created a social media campaign that is being slowly rolled out on Grand Canyon's Instagram. I wrote more about the process of making these posters here

Posters are only available for purchase through Etsy. If you are interested in commissioning a reproduction, more information can be found on the commissions page. Some of the originals are available for purchase. Please contact me directly for more information.

To help cover costs during my four months of full time volunteering, I created a Patreon account for people to give monthly donations in exchange for exclusive prints, stickers, and image downloads. Patrons continue to provide crucial support for my illustration projects.

More About the Project

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